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Ryan Scientific, Inc. is a family-owned corporation founded in 1986.

We specialize in the sales and marketing of chemicals required by Biotechnology, Phar- maceutical, Agricultural research companies and Universities throughout North America. Our products are primarily focused in Drug and Ag discovery research and are used for both in High Throughput Screening (HTS) and organic synthesis, using combinatorial and structure-based techniques.

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We offer a comprehensive service to our customers, including:

  • Fast, efficient delivery from our overseas suppliers offered on a USDA, TSCA, FDA and customs-cleared basis, duty-paid, and delivered to your door with pricing in US dollars.
  • Large inventory of small-ring heterocyclics exhibiting drug-like properties
  • Unique building blocks for organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry
  • Fragment libraries from multiple vendors
  • The ability to have analogs manufactured in quantity and at relatively short notice
  • Scale-up of target compounds for Phase I, II and III studies, sourcing of difficult-to-obtain compounds
  • A CD-ROM of our offerings with searchable ISIS databases, run-time databases and SD files (available free of charge)
  • Our online searchable database Search Now
  • Online access to weekly offerings with pricing, availability and downloads.

Ryan Scientific Inc. does not offer controlled substances under any circumstances. Our products are intended for R&D use and must be handled by trained personnel.