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Orders may be placed with Ryan Scientific by the following methods:
  • Phone: 843-568-4057
    for sales/customer service from 8:00AM until 5:00PM Eastern time.
  • Fax: 843-884-5568
  • Email: sales@ryansci.com
  • Purchase orders are accepted for established accounts.
    Please contact us for details on setting up a new account.
  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted as well.


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Terms and Conditions: Sale subject to the following conditions:
Any complaints must be received within 10 days of receipt by customer.

Delivery: Delivery is FOB, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA. Jurisdiction for any claims will be solely in the Courts of the State of South Carolina, Charleston County. Prevailing party is entitled to reimbursement of costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees.

Terms: NET-30 days. Failure to pay any invoice within 30 days of its date will result in the imposition of a service charge equal to 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. All payments received will be credited against the oldest unpaid invoice owed by customer.

Ryan Scientific Inc. does not offer controlled substances under any circumstances. Our products are intended for R&D use and must be handled by trained personnel. All prices are quoted in US dollars FOB destination inclusive of customs, duty, FDA, USDA and TSCA clearances.