More Information About ABCR Chemicals

From its logistic center in Karlsruhe, Germany, ABCR Chemistry ABCR GmbH & Co. KG supplies the world with specialty chemicals. Serving over 10,000 pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, the ABCR Chemicals staff of chemists and engineers aim for high quality and fast shipping; this has made the company a preferred supplier to Ryan Scientific, Inc. and many other firms.

Fast Access From The ABCR Chemicals Stock

To enable the fast service they are known for, ABCR Chemicals have more than 50,000 items in stock and ready to ship in up to semi-bulk quantities. This gives you immediate access to organic and inorganic compounds, fluorinated chemicals, metal-organics and organo-silanes, silicones, precious metal compounds, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, phosphines, rare earth compounds and many more chemicals. They also provide custom synthesis on-demand.

Products At ABCR Chemicals

ABCR Chemicals provide products in the following fields:

• The ABCR Chemicals stock includes: Fluorochemicals - Organosilanes and silicones - Metal-Organics - Organic and inorganic fine chemicals - Precious metal compounds - Homogenous and heterogeneous catalysts - Phosphines - Rare earths • ABCR Chemicals also provides high-tech ceramic powders from HC Starck, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of products spanning the entire range from A for Aluminum Nitride to Z for Zirconium Boride. As a representative of HC Starck's department for Surface Technology and Ceramics worldwide, ABCR has most products in stock, thus ensuring short delivery for quantities up to 100kg. • ABCR Chemicals offers products from Gelest, Inc., one of the industry's most exciting and innovative producers of specialty silanes and metal-organic compounds. The new ABCR-Gelest catalogue from October, 2008 includes many scientific publications and overview articles as well as over 3,000 items. ABCR is Gelest's exclusive representatives in Europe, but Gelest also has new production facilities in the US, enabling quick delivery of products in amounts up to a ton.

When your research any of the fine products stocked by ABCR Chemicals, Ryan Scientific, Inc. can cut through the red tape of importing from abroad or coordinating delivery. Contact us today for quick access to what you need.