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Ryan Scientific, Inc. and Apollo Scientific – 20 Years and Counting

For more than 20 years, Ryan Scientific Inc. has partnered with Apollo Scientific to supply North American customers with compounds at prices few competitors can beat. Since Apollo Scientific stocks many of the items in its UK facilities, they also offer a very fast delivery time.

Apollo Scientific Innovations At A Great Price

Apollo Scientific offerings include over 11,500 organic building block intermediate compounds and more than 7,500 fluorochemicals. In excess of 5,500 of these items are Apollo innovations, so as a Ryan customer, you have access to unique items with pricing that leaves room in your budget for future research.

To complement its line of building blocks, Apollo Scientific offers over 2,500 biochemicals, including antibiotics, biological buffers samples, enzyme substrates and proteins signaling, as well as kits for molecular biology testing.

Other new offerings available through Ryan Scientific, Inc. are Apollo's proteins, signaling, and growth factor selections. This group includes more than 1,000 cytokines, kinases, chemokines, antibodies and antigens, usually in stock and attractively priced.

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For a catalog of products from the Apollo Scientific chemicals line, check the Ryan Scientific, Inc. website. As many items are so new that they do not appear on the latest inventory updates, please contact us for a quote. Ryan Scientific, Inc. will source what you need and arrange delivery for you.

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