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Enamine Formation And Hydrolysis - Delivering Quality Chemicals For Ryan Scientific, Inc.

In 1991, as high throughput screening became important in early drug discovery, Enamine Ltd was founded in the Ukraine to meet the demand for new chemical compounds. The company was so successful that it is now a world-class provider of Screening Compounds and Building Blocks, while also providing integrated services of custom synthesis, lead optimization, and molecular modeling.

Well-Trained Scientists Are At The Backbone Of Enamine

To meet their commitment to provide the Life Sciences industries with a wide array of smart chemical solutions for use in the challenge of developing new drugs and other bioactive products, Enamine takes staffing seriously. They employ over 300 specialists who came from leading institutions and universities; more than 55 scientists have PhD degrees and four have earned Doctor of Science degrees. This well-trained work force has made Enamine the largest fine chemicals producer in the Ukraine that integrates scientific potential and fundamental research in organic chemistry. Ryan Scientific, Inc. knew that this great company would provide our customers with formulations they need and entered into a vendor relationship with them.

Original And Unique Chemistry At A Reasonable Price

At Enamine, the emphasis is on the cost-effective development of original and unique chemistry. Why? Experience shows that new drugs and other bioactive products are discovered when well-trained scientists working in powerful production facilities apply diverse techniques and methodologies. In its more than two decades, Enamine has grown from producing low molecular weight organic compounds for high throughput bio screening, to an ever-expanding proprietary screening collection of quality compounds.

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