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Facts About Enamine

Enamine, the name of the company that supplies organic compounds to customers of Ryan Scientific, Inc. is taken from a technical term that means an unsaturated compound derived by the reaction of an aldehyde or ketone with a secondary amine followed by loss of H2O. The affix "en-", (the suffix of alkene) is combined with the root "amine." This is comparable to "enol," which is a functional group containing both alkene (en-) and alcohol (-ol). Enamines are considered to be nitrogen analogs of enols.

If one of the nitrogen substituents is a hydrogen atom, H, it is the tautomeric form of an imine. This usually will rearrange to the imine; however there are several exceptions (such as aniline). The enamine-imine tautomerism may be considered analogous to the keto-enol tautomerism. In both cases, a hydrogen atom switches its location between the heteroatom (oxygen or nitrogen) and the second carbon atom.

News About Enamine Product Numbering

In 2012, Enamine has been changing product numbers in its screening collections by replacing the old identification method utilizing lot-related T-numbers with unique Z-codes familiar to those who worked with REAL Database before. This change will facilitate compound tracking in different offerings and allow transparent identification of structures by their unique ID throughout various databases. For ordering purposes, Enamine will still recognize existing T-codes.

Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis


Enamine launched Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis with a new PS3 Peptide synthesizer (Protein Technologies, Inc.). Small linear and cyclic peptides that comprise 2 to 25 amino acid residues of both natural and unnatural origin can be prepared on 1-30 mg scale in a highly pure form (>95%). Expanding the variety of peptides, Enamine offers a large collection of proprietary unnatural amino acids, including many conformationally constrained ones and others containing fluorine substituents.

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