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Enamine Reaches Around The Globe

Though based in the Ukraine, Enamine Ltd assists clients in the Life Sciences industries around the world with three valuable services: • Enamine supplies a wide range of products for drug discovery from the world’s largest commercial collection of compounds for high-throughput screening and the largest catalog of fine chemicals for organic synthesis (Building Blocks). • Enamine provides fully integrated solutions for early drug development: custom synthesis, lead generation and optimization programs. • Enamine offers contract research in the field of medicinal chemistry, fine organic synthesis, and related discovery services.

In-Stock Items From Enamine:

From its vast stock, Enamine supplies over 1,700,000 items from its Screening Compounds Collection, a valuable source of exclusive drug-like compounds and over 48,000 original low molecular weight Building Blocks. Produced at their own facilities to assure high quality and the ability to re-synthesize and re-supply compounds as needed, Enamine compounds undergo rigorous quality control by LC/MS or GC/MS and NMR. The goal is to ensure at least 90% purity of screening compounds and 95% purity for building blocks. The compounds, formatted to customer requirements, including dry films preparation, are delivered within 7-10 days. ;

Most of Enamine's production activity centers around Building Blocks, Targeted Libraries and Focused Libraries. By applying drug-like and structural filters (Lipinski's and Veber's rules, MedChem filters) to their Screening Collection, the company has developed a Drug-Like library of 550,000 compounds. From this collection, Enamine has derived both Targeted Libraries and a Fragment-like library that contains over 300 original core heterocyclic fragments.

Currently Enamine offers its customers one of the largest and the most chemically diverse proprietary screening collections of organic compounds in the world that includes over 1,200,000 Screening Compounds in-stock and over 26,000 proprietary Building Blocks. Enamine also offers the synthesis of compounds from immediately accessible, validated chemical space (REAL DataBase) of more than 11,000,000 structures.

From Enamine's Validated Chemical Space (REAL Database)

Available on demand are the synthesis of compounds for HTS of over 16,000,000 structures from Enamine's validated chemical space (REAL DataBase.) The company warrants the timely delivery of at least 70% of the selection made from this database. Enamine produces 20,000 of these compounds each month by applying original synthetic techniques it developed. Their Cheminformatics Team welcomes "cherry-picking" of custom tailored selections.

This combination of in-stock compounds and REAL DataBase offerings allows Enamine to offer its customers one of the largest and the most chemically diverse proprietary screening collections of organic compounds in the world.

Chemistry Services From Enamine

When you need chemistry services, Enamine is a leading provider of custom synthesis and lead generation and optimization services in a variety of contemporary organic chemistry fields, such as.

• Asymmetric synthesis • Synthesis of fluorescent dyes, peptidomimetics and fluorinated heterocycles • Synthesis of structurally rigid and caged amino acid derivatives • Transformations of organoelemental compounds

They also embrace other fundamental research projects in organic chemistry, all performed in line with current practices in academic research centers and supported by articles published in respected international journals. Their technical staff can perform custom synthesis tasks in mg/g/kg scale and handle even the most complex multi-stage projects.


Enamine prides itself on its full spectrum of hit-to-lead discovery services, competitive pricing, top of the line customer support, and highest quality standards. When you order from Ryan Scientific, Inc, we pass all the benefits of doing business with Enanime on to you. Contact us today to learn more.