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Compounds You Can Trust From Enamine Libraries

Enamine supplies Ryan Scientific, Inc. customers with high quality organic compounds libraries and Building Blocks for synthesis. Based in the Ukraine, the company is able to offer a record number of offerings, which is made possible by the use of the REAL DataBase, a validated chemical space that contains over 11,000,000 structures. Specializing in in-house production of compounds, Enamine offers organic compound synthesis for screening as well as other chemistry services, such as the synthesis of analogues, custom synthesis, lead-oriented services, etc. for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry.

By integrating computational capabilities with the chemistry development process, Enamine increases the quality and value of resulting products. Through a strategic collaboration with ChemBio Center of Kiev National University, Enamine pushes the envelope by applying the cutting-edge development at the center with its own chemistry development process. The result of this joint project is identification of favorable integrated solutions with development of targeted libraries.

Enamine’s Ligand-Based Approach Targeted Libraries(LBA)

An important element of Enamine products is Ligand Based Approach (LBA) Targeted Libraries, which currently include platform generic libraries against GPCR, kinases, Ion channel, and proteases. By using QSAR type program PASS or BKD based proprietary algorithm to design LBA targeted libraries against individual proteins or activities. These libraries feature high compound diversity and broad spectrum activity within class.

In addition, Enamine has developed an excellent resource for compounds for use in the studies against infectious diseases and an Agro-like set that consists of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides sub-libraries that is unique on the market.

Enamine’s Receptor-Based Approach Targeted Libraries(RBA)

Enamine offers Ryan Scientific, Inc. customers three pharmaceutically important classes: proteases, kinases, and nuclear receptors through Receptor Based Libraries (RBA) developed using a docking approach. .

• The protease platform includes libraries against TPA, Caspase-3, CathepsinG, Thrombin and FXa.
• The Kinase targeted libraries uses the enzymes GSK3-beta, AKT2, c-Src, CDK2, CDK5, CK2, p38 and ERBB-HER1.
• The Nuclear Receptor platform results from virtual screening against THRbeta-1 (agonist), RARgamma-2 (antagonist), PPARgamma (agonist), Glucocorticoid (agonist and antagonist), Estrogen-beta (agonist and antagonist) and Vitamin D (agonist).


Before virtual screening, Enamine scientists develop post-docking filtering criteria to accurately process resulted complexes. As a result of a robust post docking filtering procedure, these libraries feature low overlap within class and strict consistency with pharmacophore models. A benefit of using these targeted libraries is that follow up libraries could be rapidly designed and prepared from discovered hits.



Enamine's Hit Diversified (HD) Targeted Libraries

A combination of virtual screening expertise with Enamine's chemical capabilities, Hit Diversified libraries are a comprehensive coverage of chemical space around a hit compound that may result from screening of RBA/LBA targeted libraries or from the customer side. When synthetic and computational chemists analyze SAR data, derivatives and bioisosteric scaffolds around active compounds often result.

Information About The Compounds From Enamine Libraries

The compounds you order from Enamine's targeted libraries are high quality (>90%). and are controlled by 100% NMR checks and LC/MS analysis.

You can order a whole library or individual compounds, often at attractive discounts. Please contact Ryan Scientific, Inc. for more information about Enamine and their products.