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Ryan Scientifics, Inc. And Bionet Key Organics - A 25 Year Partnership

For more than 25 years, Ryan Scientific has worked with Bionet Key Organics to supply you with some of the best building blocks and screening compounds in the world. A division of Key Organics, Bionet offers building blocks, while the Key Organics (KO) side of the company supplies HTS screening items.

Because Bionet and Key Organics deliver an unbeatable combination of cost effective compound library offerings and excellent customer service, Ryan Scientific has been proud to offer the Bionet and Key Organics product lines to our customers for so many years.

Bionet/Key Organics - In Stock And Ready To Ship

Bionet's compounds are top-notch quality and often unique, but they also are readily available to you. The company's building blocks include over 7,500 novel compounds that are in stock and ready to ship. When you get the samples you need quickly, you can keep your research going without unnecessary delays. Over 90% of the items offered are produced in-house by the Bionet chemists, which enables tight quality control and reproducibility of the sample if you need more in any quantity.

Because Bionet chemists have the freedom to experiment, the result is often innovative and interesting items that you won't find elsewhere. Their in-house research enables Bionet to constantly refresh and enrich its line to assure that their building blocks are the top level available in the world. Because their scientists are free to do interesting chemistry, they often come up with items they would like to see on the market that might be just what you need. Ryan Scientific will keep you abreast of exciting research developments at Bionet.

The Ryan/Bionet Guarantee


Ryan Scientific is proud to offer this dynamic product line to our North American customers. We realize that your work depends on having the right organic screening compounds and building blocks on hand when you need them. You also want quality and are open to trying new products that will advance your work. When we offer you the Bionet line, we guarantee that all samples are at least 95% pure or we and Bionet will replace the sample or refund your money.

Quality, service, and fast delivery from Bionet are just three of the reasons we offer Bionet building blocks and Key Organics screening compounds to you. When you order through Ryan Scientific, Inc. we will make sure you get the best level of service and delivery when you need it so your project is not delayed. For current pricing and availability, just check our new website. If you don't see what you need, just ask us for a quote.


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