History Of The Ryan Scientifics, Inc. And Bionet/Key Organics Partnership

Based at its own well-equipped multi-lab site in Camelford, Cornwall, in the UK, Bionet Key Organics Limited was formed in 1986 to supply schemes of novel benzenoid and heterocyclic chemistry to its customers under confidentially agreements. Bionet is a division of Key Organics set up in 1988 that specializes in the synthesis and supply of quality, novel organic compounds available on a non-exclusive basis.

A Partnership Begins

Within a year of our own founding in 1986, Ryan Scientific, Inc. built a relationship with Bionet Key Organics due to our trust in their impressive approach to the industry and wide array of offerings already in demand by Ryan's customers. We knew that Bionet hired only Graduate and PhD chemists, including those with medicinal training, who had experience with diverse chemical technologies and techniques. They gave them the freedom to be innovative, so their library of products was ever-expanding. Since Bionet Key Organics was more than willing to supply mg to kg quantities of compounds to a high specification, that sealed the deal and a 25 year partnership was born.

What Bionet Key Organics Offers

Currently, Bionet's collection surpasses 59,000 compounds, which includes 42,868 diverse compounds in the BIONET Screening Compound Collection, plus compounds from Merlin Synthesis and G&J Chemicals marketed exclusively by Key Organics. Over 90% of these compounds are unique to BIONET.They offer samples in powder form or as DMSO solutions for orders over 1,000 compounds, in quantities that range from a few milligrams in micro-titre plates for High Throughput Screening, to multi-gram quantities for combinatorial chemistry and other synthetic applications.

Bionet also offers selected compounds from trusted external suppliers to meet customer needs. For example, the Bionet Assay Standard Collection has been designed and sourced specifically to satisfy Bionet customer demand for small, screening sized quantities of specific assay standards for comparison testing and screening. Containing a diverse selection of assay standards, including APIs and metabolites, the grouping is expanded regularly.

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