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Quality Building Block And Screening Compounds From Maybridge Chemicals

After 25 years, Ryan Scientific, Inc. is still proud to work with one of its first vendors, Maybridge Chemicals, a supplier of industry standard building block and screening compounds. Offering a library of more than 12,000 building blocks and nearly 55,000 screening compounds, Maybridge stocks most of these selections in its UK facility and can deliver them within a week.

Reactive Intermediates


Maybridge provides a unique group of building blocks, which include a reactive group of intermediate compounds that share a common ring structure and are minimally substituted. The compounds are among most synthetically useful sets of compounds from highly reactive groupings and have been paired into groups of over 300 sets of "Reactive intermediates."

Offering minimal substitution as these do, the compound allows easier interpretation of SAR during lead optimization. As each group is diverse, the chemist has considerable flexibility in design and production. These reactive intermediates are just part of the spectrum of chemically and structurally diversified building block compounds that Maybridge Chemicals provides to Ryan Scientific. Inc. customers seeking to stock their chemical tool box with the ultimate in capabilities in the drug discovery market.

Find Your Ideal Structure With The Fragment Library


Several offerings have been created from the HTS library at Maybridge; if you use the hitfinder, you can access a full cross-section of the Maybridge Chemicals library. You can also use the fragment library, often used by companies and universities as a unique way of piecing together compounds to get the ideal structure you are working towards, which bypasses the typical screening approach.

The Maybridge Chemicals Price Advantage

Maybridge's screening selection is sought after, and when you buy the compounds through Ryan Scientific, Inc., you will find them cheaper than from other suppliers. You can buy them for as low as a few dollars per sample when you make a larger purchase.


When you want to buy high quality, well priced Maybridge Chemicals compounds, choose Ryan Scientific, Inc. As one of the first to recognize Maybridge's quality and include the compounds in our line, we know the products better than anyone and proudly recommend them to you.


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