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Specs Offers Value To Ryan Scientific, Inc. Customers

Specs, the world’s leading provider of compound management services, also supplies screening compounds, building blocks, fragments, and natural products to the Life Science industry. Founded in 1987, Specs is a company with a vision that we are proud to embrace. We offer numerous Specs compounds, as we provide scientific services for our clients.

What Specs Offers

Specs offers a chemically diverse in-house collection, consisting of single synthesized, well-characterized and drug-like small molecules. The company has been built though global acquisition programs that utilize a network of over 2,000 academic sources worldwide.

Great Specs Quality, Ryan Scientific, Inc. Service

Based in the Netherlands, Specs has a US sales office, but when you order from us, you do not need to worry about where we source it. We are committed to delivering what you need in record time.

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