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Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) Offers High-Quality Compounds

Since its founding in 2001, Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) has won a place in the Ryan Scientific, Inc. catalogue as a reliable source for building blocks and compounds for high-throughput screening.

Competent Staffing Makes For Quality Output

Staffed with 60 chemists, 20 of them with PhD degrees, Ukrorgsyntez offers a growing number of high-quality compounds. Their scientists work in spacious 1,500 square meters offices in Latvia, which is outfitted with the top instrumentation needed to perform synthetic experiments of any complexity as well as assure proper quality control of the prepared compounds.

Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) Offerings

Currently, UORSY offers over 4,600,000 structures of Tangible Building Blocks which include 1,600,000 original and unique compounds designed for high-throughput screening.

Ryan Scientific, Inc. has always found Ukrorgsyntez (UORSY) a pleasure to work with. For more information about Ukrorgsyntez compounds, contact Ryan Scientific, Inc. today.


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