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Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) Offers Largest Library Of Building Blocks For Drug Design

In conjunction with Enamine Ltd., Ukrorgsyntez (UORSY) Ltd. has generated and rigorously validated a library of reactive intermediates and reagents for drug design (UORSY Library™). Based on 1,287 extensively validated chemical procedures, the library consists of a high degree of synthetic feasibility and the diversity of presented scaffolds. According to market analysis, the UORSY Library™ represents the world’s largest offer of building blocks for drug design.

Building Blocks In The Library.

Currently, the UORSY Library contains over 7,500,000 structures of building blocks unique for their physical properties and pricing. About 90% of the building blocks within the UORSY Library™ offer superior physical properties, such as a molecular weight under 300 Da and a calculated LogP under 4. Experienced and competent in the synthesis of compounds, USORSY can offer fixed, competitive prices.

Significant features of UORSY Library™ include:

Type of Building Blocks Number of structures
Primary and Secondary Amines 2,190,000
Carboxylic Acids 542,000
Amino Acids 104,000
Alkylating and Arylating Agents 264,000
Sulfonyl Chlorides 7,500
Aldehydes and Keytones 162,000
Alkyl and Arythydrazines 27,000
Alcohols 355,000
Phenols 87,800
Thiols 15,000
Amidoximes and Amidines 53,000
Arylbromides and Aryliodides 350,000
Boronic Acids 4,300
Alkyl and Arylazides 3,600
Terminal acetylenes 14,500


Ordering From UORSY Through Ryan Scientific, Inc.

UORSY compounds usually arrive within 3-6 weeks after you place your order through Ryan Scientific, Inc. The average feasibility rate is 80% (for 5 weeks delivery time).We will respond to your inquiry within 1-2 business days, plus offer immediate information on your project status at any time.
The UORSY Library™ has been praised as "the perfect solution for drug discovery." For more information, you can view it online or even download the latest Building Blocks database. You can read additional details about the library along with a description of the tangible building block concept in UORSY's recent paper in the January-February 2010 issue of Chemistry Today..