Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. (UORSY) Offers Building Blocks From Its Library

UKRorganic Synthesis, known as UORSY for short, is one of Ryan Scientific, Inc.'s newest vendors. They are known for maintaining the world's largest libraries of building blocks known as tangible compounds. Though the company does not stock many of these compounds, they have a high synthesis completion rate of about 80%.

The UORSY Difference

What separates the compounds from your typical virtual library is their high level of synthetic feasibility. Most libraries generate compounds with computational chemistry that lacks reasonable validation. UORSY has avoided this approach with great success. Ryan Scientific, Inc. has found that UORSY has been successful in making unusual and interesting items not often found elsewhere.

Based on 1,287 extensively validated chemical manufacturing procedures, UORSY estimates about 7.5 million "tangible" compounds. After years of getting orders for these compounds, UORSY keeps a stock level for future order. More than 90% of the building blocks that have been designed by UORSY have excellent physical properties and have a MW of below 300 daltons and calculated LogP under 4 as requested in the Lipinski rule of five.

Pricing and Timing Details

Pricing for samples of these building blocks from UORSY are reasonable, considering they will save you time and money compared to figuring out the chemistry and doing the synthesis on your own. UORSY also offers a targeted library created from a collaboration with Enamine in the Ukraine. If you pick something from a targeted library, you can speed up your research time even more.

Typical delivery on UORSY compounds is one to two months, depending on the difficulty of the chemistry. When you request a quote from UORSY through Ryan Scientific, Inc. you will get a quick response that indicates how long it will take to make the compound and approximate pricing.

Depend on Ryan Scientific, Inc.'s Expertise

When you need UORSY or UKRorganic Synthesis items in the US, Ryan Scientific, Inc., has the most experience importing and selling these items. You will be pleased with our service as well as the quality of your compound.