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Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd. Fuels Your Research With Quality Organic Compounds

Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd. supplies drug-like organic compounds for High-Throughput Screening and Combinatorial Chemistry. Produced in their laboratory or outsourced from others laboratories situated throughout the former USSR territory, they offer a wide variety of products to fuel your research. All this is possible due to the well-established business relationships Vitas maintains with many professional chemists from the different scientific bodies.

Researchers at Vitas-M Laboratory usually have Ph.D. degrees and an extensive postdoctoral experience in synthetic organic chemistry. They are well equipped to help you advance your research and choose the right compound, as they fulfill the Vitas-M mission to:

* Widen your discovery space
* Raise the diversity of your in-house library
* Reduce your time to discover new leads
* Reduce costs of the HTS process

Vitas-M and their professional staff realize that they share your scientific values and your commitment to discovery. Working through Ryan Scientific, Inc, Vitas-M respects the needs of every customer with precise products offered at a fair price with fast delivery.

Vitas-M Offers Compound Libraries For Lead Generation

STK - The Vitas-M Laboratory stock of HTS compounds of 324,450 pre-selected organic compounds is updated every month with 2,000-3,000 new compounds. Every compound is ready to ship NMR/or MS tested to assure quality. Samples are available in various formats, and Vitas-M accepts orders in any size in weights ranging from 1 to 250 mg and will even let you cherry pick your selection starting with one compound. Their stock offerings include:

Orders are accepted of any size and any kind including ?cherry pick? selection starting form one compound.

* Dry powder.
* Dry film.
* Dry film.
* DMSO solution.
* Plates (heat sealing is available upon request) for:
o any type of Micronic/Matrix products.
o any type of Corning products
o customers in-house plates
* Vials:
o Vitas-M Labs standard amber glass 45 mm height, 15 mm diameter with a screw plastic cap .
o customer?s in-house vials.

TBB - The Vitas-M Laboratory's stock of Building Blocks I includes more than 200 organic compounds. Every compound is available in weights from 500 mg to 100 g, NMR/or MS tested, and ready to ship.

NB - Vitas-M will resynthesize your selection if the compound you need is not available in sufficient amounts.

* TULIP - modified natural compounds
* DAHLIA - Virtual libraries of "to be synthesized" HTS compounds is more than 600,000 pre-selected structures.
* AZALEA - scaffolds for customized mini-libraries
* CAMOMILLE - Virtual stock of "to be synthesized" Building Blocks comprises more than 3,000 pre-selected structures.

If you need any of these libraries or custom synthesis for your research, contact Ryan Scientific, Inc. today. We can negotiate overseas delivery.

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