Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd. - Organic Compounds For Research

Ryan Scientific, Inc. is proud to bring building blocks and screening compounds to North America from the acclaimed Vitas-M Laboratory in Russia. Stocking most of the million items+ that they offer, Vitas-M offers a section of unique items noted for their very high purity level. Though buying stock from abroad can be tricky, their non-exclusive partner Ryan Scientific, Inc. handles all the details of getting your Vitas-M purchases through customs and into your hands quickly.

The Vitas-M Laboratory Advantage

Vitas-M offers a variety of compounds, including the historical collections of HTS Screening compounds compiled from groups of chemists all across Europe. Other offerings include organic building blocks and scaffold based synthetic items, plus their fragment based screening collections and target libraries. With such a board range of offerings, Vitas-M Labs will surely meet your research needs.

Ryan Scientific, Inc. has worked with Vitas-M for over 25 years. In recent years, they have seen customer interest in Vitas-M products grow as the company has continued to diversify their offerings with some of the best building blocks on the market. As Vitas-M built up their massive screening collection, they have also built up their building block collections. What is even more of an advantage for customers is that most items are in stock and ready for delivery, often within a week.

Through Ryan, you can buy building blocks from Vitas-M in 500mg to 25g scale and even obtain synthesis of more items of interest as well. To make sure you have all the information needed to start your research and keep it on track, Vitas-M can supply SD files, COA, and MSDS’s associated with their items.

Ryan Scientific, Inc. Cuts Through The Red Tape

When you need Vitas-M items, Ryan Scientific, Inc. handles importing those items to North America, as we have years of experience bringing Vitas-M items to the United States. We will source what you need and deal with all the importation issues involved in bringing these items into the country, such as clearing customs, paying duty, and obtaining TSCA and FDA clearances.

Contact us at Ryan Scientific, Inc. today to obtain more information on buying supplies from Vitas-M Laboratory, a dynamic long-term sales partner.